Vintage Carburetors & Gaskets specializes in distributing gaskets for some of the most common vintage engines still out there today.


We also distribute genuine Stromberg carburetor parts and accessories in addition to tools and related items to help the gasket replacement process.

Stromberg builds their carburetors for people like you. Maybe you show them. Maybe you race them. Maybe you use them every day. Swipe across to hear from the guys who stake their reputation on Stromberg quality for the engines and cars they build.

Manufacturing vintage automotive gaskets are what we do…sealing history! 95% of our products are manufactured in the USA by BESTgasket. Even though we have been making gaskets for 60 years, perhaps you have never heard of us until now. Advertising has never been our strength; providing the best gaskets for your vintage ride, is!

BESTgasket was founded in the 1940s by Jack Best, making and selling a full product line of automotive gaskets regionally on the West Coast. In the 1980s, the company began focusing primarily on gaskets for the vintage market. BESTgasket was purchased by Craig Weaver and Armin Brown in 1996. At that time, BESTgasket was known as the low-price leader in the industry. Not satisfied, the present owners have charted a new course emphasizing quality. BESTgasket’s products are now second to none while maintaining our pricing advantage

“I’ve been using Bestgaskets for decades and highly recommend their products. Best Gasket’s new GraphTite™ head gaskets and rear main seals are of the highest quality. My customers are pleased with the quality and completeness of their engine rebuilding sets.”
–Red Hamilton,
Red’s Headers & Early Ford Speed Equipment.
“I’ve hand-built over 550 426 style Hemi engines and until Bestgasket, nobody made what I call proper intake, exhaust, or head gaskets, nobody. Problem solved! Best Gasket produces the finest gaskets I’ve ever used. I used them on my 1969 Hemi Daytona, and I use them exclusively on my custom-built Hemi engines.”
-John Arruzza,
John cuts no corners