9510A-BF Genuine Stromberg 97 - Barn Find

9510A-BF Genuine Stromberg 97 - Barn Find
Item# 9510A-BF
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Product Description

A brand new Genuine Stromberg 97 with factory patina! The more you handle them, the more patina they pick up. Available only from Stromberg Carburetor. Here are the highlights:

-Super-accurate pressure die-castings from new dies, CNC-machined for a blue-print parts fit. So no oversize screw threads. No mystery parts from previous rebuilds. No problems.

-An early style cast iron base with stock size - not second-best oversize - throttle shaft. Parkerized as per original factory spec. Lightly rusted on the outside, then rattle can painted with a careful mist of satin black.

-Main castings and stainless steel parts lightly media blasted. External brass parts heat aged.

-Every Barn Find model even comes with a 'Reconditioned with Stromberg Genuine Parts' rosette decal to complete the look.

-Operational efficiency remains key so some parts, like the choke plate, accelerator pump rod and springs, are left untouched. It all adds to the old, but reconditioned look.

-A reinforced air horn casting with extra material around the float bowl lid to eliminate warping and leaks.

-Stock original (sea level) Stromberg jetting - 0.045 main jets and a Number 65 power valve.

-162cfm out of the box (independently verified) measured at 1.5inch Hg (same as they measure 4-bbl carbs).

-A new brass float, made in USA on original Stromberg dies.

-Our specially developed no-stick S-Jet inlet valve.

-Modern, high-tech, reinforced gaskets. Sorry, no leaks!

-Stainless steel linkage throughout. Our springs are stainless. So is the accelerator pump rod, the throttle linkage, choke plate, lever and more.

-Beautiful investment cast stainless steel throttle and accelerator pump levers.

-Original-style riveted throttle and choke shafts.

-Extensive dyno and road tests have proved that it matches or exceeds original spec.

-Stromberg 97 Barn Find is also available with cable choke or LZ push linkage - to special order. Ask your dealer.